Lee JefferyGrand Lake Fishing Report

If you have planned a trip to Grand Lake over the next couple of months to fish, plan to do your fishing after 7 in the evening to 9 in the morning.

It broke 100 degrees yesterday. With very little wind, the lake is no place to be in a watercraft.

Even the swimmers are avoiding the mid-day sun.

The Grand Lake Bassmasters held their annual kid's fishing tournament Saturday at Martin Landing. They had 26 fishermen.

Winning first, on a point system, was Blake Stone with 42.60 points. Second place went to Cody Guesby of Grove with 36 points. In third place was Sheldon Collins with 28.80 points.

Guesby caught a 3.4-pounder for big bass. Blake had a big white bass at 1.77 pounds.

J. R. Rahi caught the big perch. Thayne Gehring caught a 3.76 catfish. D. J. Huff had a 2.45-pound drum.

It was a little warm but the kids, as well as all the helpers, had a great day.

The winning stringer of bass caught during Sunday's Grand Lake Bassmasters tournament was Eddie Clark and Cory White with 8.88 pounds.

Steve Brewer and Dory Klinger had 8.83 to take second place.

Third place went to Bill Setser.

Their next tournament is tonight.

Al was told, during the evening, the white bass were almost jumping in the boat in Elk River. We motored over to the area out in front and to the west of Ice Box dock.

Eight other rigs were all white bass fishing. We trolled for 30 minutes or so but only had one hit.

It was around 7:30 when we saw our first white bass surface.

From then until 8:30 it was one of those “catch one every cast” evenings.

We had several 2-pounders in the catch.

We were casting sassy shad plastic lures. I had another rod with two lures - a sassy shad and a small spoon.

I got a hit on the single lure, put the rod in the rod holder, picked up the other rod with the two lures, cast it out and boated two white bass on the double hooks. I picked up the other rod, which also had a white bass on.

The action was fast for 30 minutes or so. Everyone around us was casting and catching fish.

The fish were still hitting when we reeled in. It was 8:30, getting dark and we had a 30-minute ride back to Monkey Island.

Most of the boat ramps and walkways are open again. Some still have a lot of logs and debris around them.

At Twin Bridges they may have the parking area and boat ramp open. You might want to call the park before you try launching your boat.

The fish story of the week is about a fellow from Kansas who was trolling for white bass north of Governor's Island on Friday.

He only had a couple of white bass when he got a hit and boated a 10.3-pound black bass - that made his day!