The Miami youth football program needs a quick cash infusion if it wants to equip all of its players for the 2008 season.

“We're needing some donations or some sponsors,” program coordinator Zack Turner said. “People are keeping the equipment instead of turning it in. We've got one whole team without equipment. The costs just keep going up and up.”

How short is Turner on equipment? Enough to outfit a whole team.

He said it costs $1,000 to register with the league then at last another $2,400 is needed for the replacement equipment.

Registration fees are only $85 per player, yet it costs at least $110 to outfit a player - about $55 for a helmet and $25 each for a jersey and pants.

“We're trying to keep the registration fees down, but now we've got to raise some money,” Turner said. “We may have to cut a team or two.”

Turner said there currently are more than 100 players on five teams - 15 each on first- and second-grade teams, 32 on a combined third- and fourth-grade team, 22 on a fifth-grade team and 23 on a sixth-grade team.

Persons wishing to make donations can call Turner at 918-314-4473.