FAIRLAND — A 7-3 edge in overtime helped the Ketchum boys squeeze out a 57-53 victory against Fairland here Tuesday, Dec. 1.

The Owls had forced the game into overtime with a 16-10 margin in the fourth quarter.

Fairland earned a split by romping 56-26 in the girls’ game.


Q Williams led the way for the Warriors (1-0) in overtime, getting five of their seven points. He finished with a game-high 23 points.

Fairland was up 13-11 after the opening period but the visitors flipped things with a 17-6 margin in the second.

The Owls (1-1) chipped away at the deficit with a 13-10 edge in the third.

Lane Tudor got all seven of his points in the fourth period to help FHS send the game into overtime.

Brion Padberg was Fairland’s leading scorer with 20 points.

Trey Martin added nine, Tudor and Jayden Anderson scored seven each; Josia Bird, five; Boone Perryman, three, and Jacoby Jackson, two.

C Brown scored 15 for the Warriors.


The Lady Owls (2-0) broke the game open with a 36-14 advantage in the middle two quarters.

They led by one after first, but went into the half on top 27-16 then held an 18-6 margin in the third.

Grace Goins and Erica Schertz combined for 34 of the Lady Owls’ points, Goins with 18 and Schertz 16.

Both had 10 of their total points in the second half.

Others with points for Fairland were Scout Mayfield, seven; Alexis McGranahan and Makynzi Jones, six each, and Kinley Powell, three.

Ketchum’s leading scorers were K Farrar with seven and J Kieslich with six.