MIAMI — Friday was payback day for the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M football team.

The Golden Norse took some time Friday afternoon for a little community service — washing Miami Fire Department trucks.

“We have a really good relationship with the folks down at the fire department,” Norse head coach Zach Allen said. “They support us and always are in the end zone cheering for us. We knew it was truck-wash day, so any opportunity we have got help them with their grunt work, why not?”

Players split up, half working at the North MFD station while others went to the South station.

Friday was the sixth day of preseason practices and it gave the players to get off campus.

“We appreciate it,” Miami Fire Chief Robert Wright said. “They are welcome any time. It’s a good bunch of young men.

“They washed like five trucks within an hour and it takes us an hour with each one. They were having fun doing it.”

Among the other way NEO players interact with the community is by helping the Miami youth football program and by reading to students at the elementary schools here.

“Sometimes it’s tough to associate a name with a number because we have our helmets on during the one time we are visible once a week,” Allen said. “Any time we can get out there and put names to faces with our players … they can start learning about how our community operates.

“I think our players are starting to learn what wearing NEO across their chest means, not only to the people in the football community, but to the people all around here.

“We know there is an expectation on how we are supposed to conduct ourselves and how important our program is to Miami. We want to make sure that Miami understands that as well.”

The Norsemen held a scrimmage Saturday night and have another planned for Thursday, Aug. 22.

They begin game-week preparation Saturday, Aug. 24, gearing up to the Aug. 29 opener here with Arkansas Baptist.