QUAPAW — The Quapaw School District will recognize the Quapaw Tribe for its many contributions to the district when it hosts Colcord on Sept. 27 for Quapaw High School Native American Night.

Both teams will be wearing colors of the Quapaw Tribe.

“The Quapaw Nation donates a lot of money to the Quapaw Schools and we wanted to somehow recognize them during one of our football games,” head coach Chris Cawyer said.

Cawyer said he visited with tribal officials towards the end of 2018 to explain what he would like to do.

“They were all for it,” he said. “I told them I would like to ‘get jerseys that had your colors and your emblems so you could be recognized by that.’

“I gave them a price (for two sets of jerseys) and they bought home and guest jerseys. It was cool.”

Tribal colors are red, blue and yellow so the Wildcats will wear red jerseys with blue numbers and piping instead of their traditional green and white.

The guests’ jerseys are blue with red and yellow numbers and trim.

Both sets of jerseys will have the Quapaw Tribe logo on the front and “O-Gah-Pah” on the back.

“They are so cool,” Cawyer said. “It’s good that it’s Colcord because they have a lot of Indian heritage too. It worked out really good.

While things are still in the working stage, Cawyer said he hopes to extend halftime to 30 minutes so there can be a performance by dancers and drummers.

Quapaw superintendent David Carriger expressed appreciation to the tribe for its continued support of the district and activities.

“The Quapaw Nation has been a huge supporter for the Quapaw School District,” he said. “We appreciate the working relationship we have with one another. We recognize the importance of the Quapaw Nation and other tribes’ cultures and wish to keep them a part of the Quapaw community and school community.

“Any time we can showcase the importance of the Quapaw Tribe and tribes, we need to do it.”