TULSA — Quapaw native Mick Wilson has been named deputy director of athletics for Tulsa Public Schools.

Wilson, a 1983 graduate of Quapaw High School and 1985 at Northeastern A&M, had been TPS assistant director of athletics/compliance the past seven years.

“Everybody knew about it before I did,” Wilson joked, noting that he received numerous messages following a social media post by the Tulsa World.

“There won’t be a lot of changes in what I do day-to-day,” Wilson said. “Gil (TPS director of athletics Gil Cloud) said I probably be involved more in some higher administrative decisions than maybe in the past. Gil is also passing along some of his responsibilities I will be taking on. I have been doing that from time to time.”

Wilson filled in while Cloud was recovering from hip and knee replacement surgery. The veteran coach and administrator also has another knee replacement surgery scheduled in July.

“While he is away, I will be assuming his role until he returns probably in early August,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s first coaching stop was at Welch, and then he served stints as a head coach at Pittsburg, Kansas, and Tulsa East Central high schools.

Wilson moved into the college ranks as an assistant at Henderson (Arkansas) State University then was head coach at Sterling (Kansas) College and head coach and athletic director at Independence (Kansas) Community College.

Prior to his current position, Wilson was head coach and athletic director at Tulsa Rogers.

“He’s done a great job for us and to me, it was very logical that we pursue a promotion for Mick because of his background, expertise and having been in Tulsa Public Schools as a coach,” Cloud said. “He sometimes has a better perspective than any of us because he has spent time out in the field as a coach. He brought a lot to the table.”

Wilson was one of Cloud’s first hires in 2012 when he took on an athletic department that was struggling with a mess caused by his predecessor.

“Gil is a great leader,” Wilson said. “I have tried to learn from his 50 years of experience. We’ve both been at different levels and have similar experience. The big difference is he’s had a lot more than me, obviously.

“He is just such a great resource for information. He always has a great insight and his input is second to none. You really value what he brings to the table and what he can offer you. I want to be a sponge and soak up as much of that as I can.”

One of Wilson’s responsibilities is the Tournament of Champions, a loaded basketball event played over the Christmas break, that had four of its boys teams win state titles: Tulsa Washington in Class 6A, Tulsa Memorial in 5A, Kingfisher, 4A, and Kingston, 3A.

“We’ve tried to bring in a lot of new ideas and resources to our schools, give our athletes more opportunities, put a better product on the playing field and on the court. I think we have been able to do that,” Wilson said.

In addition to Washington and Memorial in boys’ basketball, Washington’s girls captured the 5A girls’ soccer title.