MIAMI – Whether you seek a fun time to keep the Valentine’s vibes flowing or just a Friday escape, the Loony Saloon at The Stables Casino is the place to be on Feb. 1.

The Lu-Tang Clan, an improvisation comedy troupe made up of the five Lucas siblings and a couple of “brothers from other mothers,” with ties to Miami, is bringing their interactive comedy act back to the Loony Saloon for two shows in the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Topics for the games are based on either audience suggestions or predetermined prompts from the host, who set up a game and situation the performers then improvise.

“We are all from Miami, except for one of the team members, so we are thrilled to be able to do the show here; this is our fourth show,” said Clan member Kristen Lucas.

“Luckily, each year each show has sold out. And this year we sold out the first one, but there are still tickets available to the second show that was added. We are really excited that people are supporting it. The first time can be a fluke, but since people are coming back we are really excited!”

The shows are for 21 and over, due to adult language and situations, and are guaranteed to make you “holler with laughter, or fear of your newfound fans,” as the interactive shows may choose you to stand in the spotlight.

Since the original 8 p.m. show sold out almost immediately, a second at 9:30 p.m. was added.

Tickets are $7 with no drink minimum.

To order, call (918) 542-7884 or log onto

The Lucus family members of the Lu-Tang Clan were all born and raised in Miami and will all be performing at both shows.

The clan members are excited about the opportunity to perform together again in their hometown and the staff at the Loony Saloon is excited to bring back in local talent.

Since the last show here, Kristen first moved to New York City and then to Los Angeles and has been there going on four years, doing “all the comedy.”

She started with sketch and improv and now is doing more standup this past year.

Kristen said, “I have been out there doing the ‘hustle.’ There are some comedy clubs out here that I play, and I do a monthly show at a comedy theater called ‘UCB,’ and I was recently promoted to head writer on an Amazon Prime show called ‘Chunky Zeta.’ I also run a comedy troupe called the Pinup Squirrels, recently did a show at the Ice House in Pasadena, and have another coming up at the Westside Comedy Theater.

“I have been creating and writing, always trying to develop new content. Trying to stay busy and I am always happy when people book me.”

When asked what inspired her to get into comedy, Kristen said, “I knew I liked acting and I loved ‘Saturday Night Live.’ I moved out to New York because I thought I could find a career in the entertainment industry there that was fulfilling. Then I moved to LA and got an internship at Viacom (which has MTV, Spike TV and other cable channels). But I really love acting and missed it so I didn’t continue pursuing a career path with Viacom and got part time jobs waitressing and bartending, etc., typical ‘actor’ jobs you hear about, and ended up doing things like murder mysteries.

She went to UCB LA, a school for improv comedians. That’s where it all really began.

“They do a style of comedy called long form improv, or story improv, called ‘the Herald,’” she said. “It’s not great for a bar or club crowd. What we do at The Stables is short form improv along the lines of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ It’s interactive, exciting, quick paced and a lot of fun for the crowd.”