For the fifth straight year, Miami’s Average Daily Membership numbers have slipped.

According to figures released Thursday, July 19, by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association, Miami is 99th with an ADM of 491.00.

Last school year (2017-18) it was 589.80, 81st; 622.00 in 2016-17, 78th; 656.50 in 2015-16, 71th, and 688.20 in 2014-15, 64th.

ADM is used to determine classifications for athletic teams and is based on enrollment in grades 9 through 12 for the 2017-18 school year.

Football, baseball, softball and soccer in Classes 6A, 5A and 4A are set up in two-year scheduling cycles because of district play.

While football will start with new district alignment this season, this will be the start of the second year for soccer, baseball and softball.

The other sports are drawn up annually.

In football, the top 16 schools fall in Class 6A Division I while 6A-II is the next 16.

The next 32 are assigned to 5A, Class 4A is the next 32, followed by Class 3A, the next 32; 2A, the next 64, and Class A, the remaining 11-man football playing schools.

Class B is the remaining eight-man football playing schools, capped at 80 while Class C is the 32 smallest eight-man schools.

According to the new ADM numbers, Miami and Bristow are the two smallest schools in District 4A-3, the Wardogs 99th and Bristow 100th at 490.38.

If the new district alignment came this year instead of last, both would find themselves in Class 3A.

ADMs of the other six members of 4A-3 include Grove, 67, 704.58; McLain, 70, 694.20; Wagoner, 76, 633.70; Catoosa, 81, 584.91; Oologah, 85, 560.57, and Cleveland, 94, 516.44.

According to the OSSAA basketball manual, the top 32 schools are 6A, next 32, 5A; next 64, 4A; next 64, 3A, and the remaining schools divided equally between classes 2A, A and B, placing the greatest number of schools in Class B if the numbers are not even.

Wyandotte is the second largest school locally with an ADM of 222.25 (205th).

Commerce is 215.65, 210; Quapaw, 179.85, 241; Afton, 170.51, 252; Fairland, 161.28, 260; Welch, 85.68, 373, and Bluejacket, 70.18, 412.

As has been the case for years, Broken Arrow is the state’s largest school at 5074.53. That’s up about 37 students from 2017-18.

Union is second at 4623.49 and Jenks third, 3385.84.

The smallest OSSAA member is Keyes — not to be confused with Keyes (Parkhill) near Tahlequah at 13.36.

The smallest football-playing school is Balko, 453rd with an ADM of 46.94.