WYANDOTTE — The annual Wyandotte Baseball Festival takes on a tri-state look.

Host Wyandotte, Commerce and Welch will be joined by festival regular Seneca as well as Rverton and Columbus, Kansas, for the event, which will be Saturday, March 24.

Five games will be played over the course of the day.

Because of scheduling the two Kansas schools will only play one game each while Wyandotte, Welch, Commerce and Seneca will get in two.

Saturday’s schedule:

10 a.m. — Riverton vs. Commerce

Noon — Welch vs. Commerce

2 p.m. — Wyandotte vs. Columbus

4 p.m. — Welch vs Seneca

6 p.m. — Wyandotte vs. Seneca.

Admission will be $5 for adults and $3 for students.