JOPLIN — At least 11 local runners participated in the 2017 Mother Road Marathon, part of which started in Commerce.

“Excitement is viral for 2018,” said race director Tom Rogers, noting that more than 1,000 runners were entered.

The event featured a full marathon, a half marathon that started in Baxter Springs and a 5K.

Scooter Cichon of Pittsburg, Kansas, won the marathon with a time of 2:47.07.0.

Placing second was Jacob McLain of Terra Haute, Indiana, at 2:58.47.5, and David O’Bryan of St. Paul, Kansas, finished third at 3:15.40.3.

Miami running veteran Robert Berry finished 31st in the full marathon with a time of 4:05.34.1.

Berry finished first in the Run the United Way 5K here last month.

Four other local runners participated in the marathon: Adam Pulley of Miami, 59th, 4:35.03.8; Dusty Schertz of Fairland, 64th, 4:37.42.2; Melissa Jorgenson of Miami, 150th, 5:43.18.4, and Summer Aldridge of Miami, 155th, 5:45.41.5.

Another running veteran, Sharon Ice of Miami, was 46th in the half marathon with a time of 1:56.36.1.

Also running in the half marathon were Isabella Burrell of Miami, 77th, 2:02.12.5; Rachel Weldon of Wyandotte, 83rd, 2:08.24.4; Kelli Clinton of Welch, 96th, 2:10.58.3; Thomas Kamumo of Miami, 269th, 2:54.25.7, and Diane Huffman of Bluejacket, 343rd, 3:47.05.6.

Ben Jennings of Brookline, Kansas, won the half marathon at 1:27.39.0.

Henri Coeme of Neosho, Missouri, placed second at 1:35.05.6, and Bradley James of Green Forrest, Arkansas, finished third at 1:37.35.2.

Aaron Hight of Riverton, Kansas — the 2016 Run The United Way 5K winner — was first in the Mother Road Marathon 5K winner at 20:47.8.