Deleware County authorities say a murder suspect who escaped from the Delaware County Jail Sunday is back in custody.

Mark Henry Thurman, 24, was apprehended within 30 minutes of walking away from the Delware County Jail, according to Captain Robert Rowley.

Rowley said the inmate escaped through an open door while jail trustees were picking up trays after the evening meal. He was apprehended a short time later when a Jay resident reported seeing him walking across his yard wearing orange pants but no shoes or shirt.

Thurman is accused of fatally shooting his father just days after being released from a Missouri prison.

According to court records, Thurman was sentenced to seven years in a Missouri prison in 2000 after being convicted of first-degree burglary.

In late November of 2005, Thurman's mother picked him up from the penal institute and brought him back to her Grove home, according to court records.

Days later, on Nov. 29, Thurman allegedly shot and killed his father, Bob Thurman, with a 9mm pistol then fled the home in his parent's pickup truck.

He was apprehended in a Raton, New Mexico motel without incident after authorities traced his route via his parent's credit card transactions.

After being extradited back to Oklahoma, Thurman was jailed in Delaware County where he is awaiting trial that is scheduled to begin next Monday.