The mayor of Miami said a meeting held Monday between himself and four members of a private economic development entity was brief, but positive.

Brent Brassfield said the noon meeting put him face-to-face with four members of the Miami Area Economic Development Service's executive committee.

The meeting was called after Brassfield made a public recommendation that the city and MAEDS dissolve their economic development entities in support of a unified effort to streamline development in Miami.

“We did not discuss the past, or personnel,” Brassfield said. “They had some very good questions and they have some concerns about how this would go forward … It was a very positive and productive meeting.”

Brassfield said Chuck Neal, president of the MAEDS organization, and the additional executive members will take information gathered from the meeting back to the full board for discussion and a decision as to whether or not the organization is willing to dissolve.

Brassfield has described the relationship with MAEDS as “contentious” on more than one occasion, but is hopeful that the two entities can agree to a melding of their interests.

“Consider this the ‘throwing out of the olive branch,'” Brassfield said when he first proposed his economic development plan last month.

Rudy Schultz, a member of the Miami City Council and a public supporter of MAEDS, voiced his pleasure as he said “I am encouraged to see everyone sitting around the same table and talking - very encouraged.”