WASHINGTON, D.C. - Federal officials have sent a list of items to be addressed before further considering permits for boat slips proposed for a planned luxury Shangri La high-rise condominium complex on Grand Lake.

In a letter dated May 18 to Bob Sullivan at the Grand River Dam Authority, officials of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission outlined 14 areas that must be addressed.

The letter, signed by John Estep, chief of the land resources branch, gives GRDA officials 15 days to respond with the following information.

Davis Cove

Estimates of existing and projected boat traffic in the cove, including peak and daily averages.

Any proposed/existing measures that will ensure the safety of both boaters and other recreational users within the cove, including signage, navigational rules and safety devices.

Ownership or legal interests in the lands to be excavated, including the dike nearest the existing docks in the cove.

Dimensions of the cove and contours, both before and after completion of the proposed dredging, including exact measurements every 100 feet from the back of the proposed dredged area to the existing residential docks (including cross-sections showing depth for each 100-foot section).

Revised calculations of the quantity of material proposed to be excavated (separate quantities for dry material and underwater material), based on the drawings submitted in response to the environmental assessment.

Responses to comments from area residents, including any proposed mitigation measures to address safety, quietness in neighborhood, demolition of a dike and destruction of wetlands.

The current-use classification as identified in GRDA's proposed Shoreline Management Plan presently being prepared.

New Marina

Estimates of existing and projected boat traffic (peak and daily average).

Any proposed or existing measures to ensure safety of recreational users.

Shoreline protection or erosion prevention structures at various points along the shoreline.

Typical wind patterns and velocities in relation to the proposed marina.

Ownership or legal interests in the lands to be occupied by the proposed marina, including access roads and parking.

Intended use classification under the proposed SMP.