A Commerce man was arrested Friday morning for the alleged possession of marijuana following a search of his residence.

Commerce Assistant Police Chief Ray Horn received a phone tip Friday morming that drug activity was being conducted at 106 North Maple in Commerce.

Horn and Sgt. Ernie Shelby conducted a knock-and-talk and made contact with Victor Douglas who had been living in a camper next to the residence on Maple.

The residence is located 203 feet from Commerce Middle School.

Horn advised Douglas of the complaint, which Douglas denied. Horn then advised Douglas that he could smell a strong odor associated with marijuana.

“Douglas admitted he had a bag of marijuana inside the residence and he let us come inside,” Horn said. “I ask him where he kept the marijuana and he said it was in a tin by the bed.”

The officers allegedly found marijuana in the tin and at this point Douglas was advised of his rights. Douglas agreed to talk to the officers and allegedly admitted the marijuana belonged to him.

The officers asked if any more drugs were on the property and Douglas said no.

The owner of the residence gave the officers permission to search.

Horn radioed Chief Gary Graham of Quapaw, Chief Andrew Hanson of North Miami and Officer Michael Sweeten of North Miami to assist in the search.

Shelby said, “I entered the garage on the east end of the house and found a grinder used to grind marijuana. At the back of the garage I found an aluminum briefcase containing forceps, another grinder, rolling papers and a small amount of loose marijuana.”

“I noticed a desk and opened a drawer and found a number of clear plastic bags,” Shelby said. “Some of the bags contained small amounts of marijuana.”

Shelby and Hansen then went inside the travel trailer where, Shelby said, “we found a small, makeshift table covered with loose marijuana. There was a small metal pipe on the floor next to the table and a quart size Ziploc bag containing a large amount of marijuana.

Hanson allegedy opened a wall cabinet in the west wall of the trailer and found a quart-size bag containing a partial brick of marijuana.

Also allegedly found at the site were seven bags of marijuana including a partial brick, several glass pipes, two more grinders, two sets of scales, lighters, rolling papers and a propane torch.

Douglas was transported to the Ottawa County Jail.