Authorities say they have arrested one of the suspects involved in the March 19, robbery at the residence of a prominent Miami attorney.

Lee Maurice Richmond, 36, of Kansas City, Mo., has been charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and kidnapping. He is behind bars in Kansas City awaiting extradition to Ottawa County.

During a photo lineup provided by Pittsburg, Kan., authorities, Brenda Stockwell positively identified Richmond as the larger of two men who held her and two grandchildren at gunpoint while they robbed her home.

According to the arrest report, Brenda Stockwell was at home with two grandchildren, ages 7 and 2, when shortly after 10 a.m. someone knocked at the front door.

Before Stockwell could reach the front door, a small black male subject was standing at the door. The man, described as approximately 5-feet 4-to 5-feet 8-inches tall, said he needed directions to Pittsburg.

Stockwell said she attempted to close the door, but the subject blocked the door with his shoulder and elbow.

Seconds later, a much larger Richmond forced his way into Stockwell’s home and, brandishing a handgun, demanded money.

Stockwell said she and her two grandchildren were forced to the floor and tied up while the suspects robbed her home. She said on several occasions, Richmond placed the gun to the back of her head while stepping on her back.

After approximately 10 minutes, the men left her home, according to Stockwell. She was able to free her hands enough to get to the kitchen for a knife to free herself and her grandchildren from the blue nylon rope they had been tied up with.

That afternoon, Stockwell met with a Jasper County, Mo., deputy trained in composite sketches.

Sketches of the two suspects were released to area press and law enforcement agencies.

On March 30, Ottawa County Sheriff Terry Durborow took a copy of the composite sketches to the Pittsburg Police Department. One of the officers recognized the sketch of the larger man as Lee Richmond AKA L. Dog Richmond.

Saturday, Kansas City authorities arrested Richmond on three felony charges in Ottawa County.

Judge Bill Culver set bail at $750,000.

Authorities are still searching for the second suspect. He is described as a black male, 18 to 24 years old, 5-foot 4 to 5-foot 8 inches tall, and 95 to 120 pounds. He had a medium to dark complexion and a small build.

The sheriff is asking anyone with information about the home invasion to contact the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office at (918) 542-2806.