The number of burglaries has slowed down after the holidays, according to Miami Police Chief Gary Anderson.

For several weeks, local authorities were busy investigating a string of burglaries throughout the city. While there have been a few reported burglaries to homes and businesses, most of the reports have been stolen items from unlocked vehicles.

“It's real easy to reach into an unlocked car and take items out of it, Anderson said. “Especially this time of year it's important for people to lock their vehicles. Everyone gets new cameras, radios and other electronics for Christmas then they leave them in their car and someone walks by and sees them laying on the seat or dash.

Anderson said that most of the residential burglaries have occurred when people leave their house doors unlocked.

“We've had a couple of forced entries, Anderson said. “But, for the most part, burglars have walked in through an unlocked door.

Throughout the months of November and December, a large number of purses were being stolen from vehicles.

“You should never leave your purse in your vehicle, Anderson said.

Anderson said the most important defense against being a victim of a burglary is to not advertise what you have. Leaving items out in plain view makes victims and easy target.