A 20-year-old Miami man was arrested Monday for breaking into an apartment on Kanady Avenue.

Tyler Duwayne Ervin was taken into custody on anticipated charges of second-degree burglary, according to Miami police reports.

According to authorities, tenants reported someone knocking loudly on doors in the apartment complex.

As it turns out, the noise they heard was an apartment door being kicked open, officials said.

“Upon arrival, I made contact with a male subject, later identified as Ervin, standing on the upper loft of the apartment complex,” said reporting officer Aaron Crockett.

Crockett said Ervin told him he was waiting on a friend who lived at the complex.

After speaking with Ervin, Crockett noticed that the door to one of the apartments was open and appeared to have been tampered with.

According to Crockett, Ervin stated that he had been to the store earlier with a female resident of the apartment.

“He stated that he gave (the girl) $100 and asked her to hang on to it because he would spend it if he took it in the store,” Crockett said.

According to Ervin’s statement to police, when he came out of the store, the girl was gone and she refused to answer her phone when he called.

Ervin told authorities that he went to the apartment complex to locate the girl and his money. When he arrived, he thought he heard people laughing and talking inside the apartment.

“He knocked on the door and nobody came to the door,” Crockett said. “So, he kicked it open.”

Ervin told authorities that, when he realized no one was in home, he did not go into the apartment. He waited outside for someone to come home.

Authorities say Ervin also displayed signs of being under the influence of alcohol.