For Dalton Young, it was like a dream, but then it was supposed to be.

Young, 10, and his sister, Annamaria Thomas, 3, performed in a dream sequence in the independent film, “The Life of Lucky Cucumber.”

They are the children of Shelly Thomas and Paul Ingram Thomas, both of Miami.

“I love acting,” Young said. “You get to meet different people.”

Preston Lacy, writer and co-star of the MTV series “Jackass,” co-wrote and stars in “Lucky Cucumber.”

The grandfather of the main character in the movie dies, leading into a dream sequence which was filmed in McClelland Park in Joplin, Mo.

Young auditioned at the Joplin Ramada Inn.

While at the audition, the director spotted Young's sister and asked their mother if Annamaria Thomas could be in the movie too.

Although Young didn't have any lines, he fenced with sticks and played football with a ficticious grandfather.

Only 10, Young is not a novice to acting.

“He has acted in the Miami Little Theatre forever,” Shelly Thomas said.

He was a chef and a dwarf in the “Youth on Stage” production of “Fairytale Courtroom” earlier this month.

He has also taken acting lessons at the Joplin Performing Arts Center for two years.

Working on the movie presented Young with a different method of acting.

“Acting in front of a camera is a whole different way of acting,” Young said. “We had 30 different takes of the dream scene.”

Young doesn't know if acting will be his career.

“I don't want to get ahead of myself,” he said. “I do thank everyone involved with the movie for giving me this opportunity.”

Shelly Thomas said the movie would be out in approximately a year.