The Miami City Council pledged its support of five local programs as the panel approved more than $80,000 in community agency grants.

Five programs were approved for supplemental funding through the city, including the Miami Area Chamber of Commerce, Pelivan Transit, Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa County, Ottawa County Graduated Sanctions and the Miami Seniors' Center Inc.

The City of Miami annually makes supplemental funding available to local programs whose directors plea to the city for assistance during scheduled budget hearings.

Memorandum of understanding documents signed Monday by the council outline the grants as follows:

Miami Area Chamber of Commerce - $16,875. The funding is specifically marked to provide $10,000 for the annual Fourth of July event in Riverview Park and $6,875 to promote the annual Spend to Win contest.

Pelivan Transit - $33,000. The funding is offered to assist the public transportation program in helping those unable to transport themselves to their desired destinations.

Boys and Girls Club - $6,000. The funding is offered in support of the the Girls City Basketball League sponsored by the club, program manuals, youth rewards, trips, supplies and bowling and skating outings. Through the memorandum, city officials expressed its support of the program which promotes learning, exercise.

Ottawa County Graduated Sanctions - $2,500. The funding is offered in support of the county program which provides young people with an alternative to the juvenile justice system and relieves a portion of taxpayer burden.

Miami Seniors' Center Inc. - $23,400. The funding is provided for day-to-day operations of the senior center which provides leisure, informational and social activities for individuals 60 years and older and also provides meals to elder residents.

Two additional programs have requested grants from the city, but negations are still in progress. They are the Miami Main Street Inc. program and the Ottawa County Animal Welfare Society.

A third entity, the Miami Downtown Redevelopment Authority, typically is among the city's annual grant recipients, according to city officials. However, this year, the MDRA budget figures have been tucked into the city's special funds budget.

The authority has an annual budget of $105,400, according to city records. Of that, $30,900 is expended for management contracts, $20,000 is expended as “supplemental help, $28,700 is projected for materials and operating supplies and the remainder is for other services and charges.