Miami City Council candidates introduced themselves as 120 people gathered for an Eggs ‘N Issues forum held Friday.

Candidates apparently are in agreement that the City of Miami is moving forward and things are changing. However, three of four candidates running for the Ward 1 council seat are looking for new direction.

Ward 1 councilman Kent Ketcher said “it is good to be the incumbent,” as he presented a list of council accomplishments during his term of office. He touted his law enforcement experience as well as his committment to the community and the city's effort to push economic development through the creation of its own economic development department.

On the issue of economic development, Ketcher said that they city's economic development efforts had been successful and Miami is moving forward, despite the lack of participation from those with similar interests.

Rudy Shultz, one of three people opposing Ketcher, said there are many positive things happening in Miami and said he is glad to see the city moving, but he has some concerns - a breakdown in communication, a divided community and the number of personal attacks launched in the city's televised broadcasts.

Shultz presented his leadership experience, community involvement, his budget management skills and his desire to keep Miami moving forward, but in a new direction.

Steve Darnell, also opposing Ketcher, said he is a long-time supporter of the Miami community and is also hoping to bring new direction.

Darnell, like all four Ward 1 candidates, said there are many good things happening in Miami, but he wants to see the city move in a different direction.

Darrell Harp admitted he is no politician, but has a desire to “make a difference” and will be the voice of the “many people” he said will not speak up.

Harp said if Miami is truly to be a “gateway,” everyone has to be on the same page and moving in the same direction.

Ward 2 candidates, Scott Trussler and Robert Lee Taylor , spoke briefly before the Eggs 'N Issues event wrapped up.

Trussler, the incumbent, said he is satisfied with the direction that the city is moving and has great respect for of the community in which he has lived his entire life.

Trussler said his objective is to build a better community for the generations that are to come and honor the leadership that preceded him by returning the favor.

Taylor, a Baptist minister, said he wants to contribute to a positive change in Miami. Particulary, he wants to bring family entertainment to Miami. He said he has no issues with his opponent and encouraged everyone to cast a vote and participate in the process of electing a leader in Ward 2.