A Miami resident is $25,000 richer - just for watching her favorite game show.

Virginia Anderson was the winner of the Thanks a Million sweepstakes sponsored by Sony and Wheel of Fortune.

Anderson and her husband are retired and moved to Miami from Casper, Wyo., a few months ago.

“We retired and we’d bugged our daughters long enough so we decided to move here and bug our son for awhile,” Anderson said.

Anderson said she and her husband have been “Wheel watchers” for many years and she has played the game show’s “spin to win” contest several times.

“I signed up for this one in February,” Anderson said. “I’d given my husband my (spin identification) number so he could watch for it too.”

Anderson said she was in the kitchen when her husband announced that he thought her number was the winner.

She thought he was mistaken.

“It was a series of errors after that,” Anderson said. “When I logged on to the Web site to check the number, I couldn’t remember my user ID number, then I couldn’t remember my password, my husband couldn’t remember the (spin identification) number.”

Once Anderson was able to log onto the game show’s Web site and compare her identification number against the one shown on television, she was announced as the $25,000 winner.

“It was very unexpected and it’s been so much fun,” Anderson said. “It came at the right time, too.”

Anderson had surgery two weeks ago and says she will spend some of the money on medical bills. She also plans to have a little fun with it as well.

“I’d like to go to Hawaii, we went several years ago and I’d like to go again,” Anderson said. “And we’ll probably give the kids a little too.”