ROSE - A trio from Arkansas has been accused of burglarizing a grandparent's home during the power outage following the ice storm two weeks ago.

Police reports indicate that authorities became suspicious after witnesses of a Jan. 20 automobile accident on U.S. Highway 412 indicated they saw occupants of the vehicle stashing items at a location across the road.

The driver, Kathleen Lenore Vonree, 19, of Gravette, Ark., reportedly admitted to police that she waited in the car while Timothy Joseph Gordon, 24, and Jerold Patrick Mitchell, 19, also of Gravette, broke into the home of Gordon's grandparents.

The two men emerged from the home of Loyle Gordon and Edna Gordon, carrying pillow cases, Vonree reportedly told police.

Deputy Tony Stewart reported finding pillow cases containing jewelry, guns and prescription drugs about 15 feet from the crash site that were listed on another police report as allegedly stolen out of the couple's residence in Rose.

Vonree claimed the driver of a pickup truck had caused her to drive into a ditch. However, according to police reports, she was unable to provide a description of the pickup truck that was involved.

All three have been charged with one count each of burglary, district court records indicate.