A Miami police officer was charged Tuesday with indecent exposure after he allegedly exposed himself to a convenience store clerk.

James Lloyd Gambill Jr., 48, of Miami, is accused of masturbating in the presence of a Miami woman while sitting in his patrol car.

“This type of conduct is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated, Miami Police Chief Gary Anderson said. “I have dismissed officers of their duties for a lot less than this.

Anderson said he learned of the incident several weeks ago.

“I then contacted the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to do a criminal investigation, Anderson said. “This is not something I felt my department should handle.

Anderson said a six-week investigation by OSBI found that Gambill, a 15-year veteran of the department, first met the complainant in April while she was working at a local convenience store.

The woman told investigators that she had initially asked Gambill if he would like to have dinner with her. She alleges that Gambill told her then that he was married, but that “the ring could come off.

In response, the woman said she advised Gambill that she did not date married men.

The woman said she had other encounters with the officer that involved sexual innuendoes by Gambill, including an early morning incident on June 4 when Gambill allegedly drove to a local convenience store where she worked.

The complainant told law enforcement officials that Gambill asked her to come to his car. When she approached the window, she allegedly found the officer sitting in the driver's seat with his uniform shirt unbuttoned and naked from the waist down.

Gambill reportedly returned to the store the following day to apologize.

State investigators said they later recorded a conversation with Gambill in which he admitted that he wasn't wearing pants when he drove to the store on June 4.

“Everyone in the department is in shock, Anderson said. “This is completely out of character for the officer and, once it sets in, it is like a kick in the stomach.

Anderson said an internal investigation is being conducted by the department and the future of Gambill's employment is yet to be decided.

Specifically, Gambill has violated a portion of the Miami City Police Department's personnel policy which states that no officer, on duty or off, should conduct themselves in a manner that is unbecoming to the officer or the department, according to Anderson.

Anderson said he has not spoken to Gambill, who is currently out of town on vacation, but indicated that the officer would likely be placed on administrative leave without pay until further investigation.

Police officials said Wednesday that there have been no other incidents with Gambill.

A warrant was issued Tuesday for Gambill's arrest. Local authorities expect that Gambill will turn himself in once he returns to the area.

District Attorney Eddie Wyant has charged Gambill with one count of felony indecent exposure, a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.