Booster Club members for the Miami cheer and dance teams will meet at 6 p.m., Monday in the high school library to propose a building they say is desperately needed.

“The building will serve as a practice facility for the cheer and dance teams as well as a disaster relief center for the east side of Miami,” said Megan Frazier, cheer team coach. “This is a huge facility with bathrooms and showers where people could access Red Cross if there is ever another flood or disaster.”

The school district has agreed to allow the use of a parcel of land near the softball field for construction of the proposed building. In addition, the school district will assume the responsibility of maintaining the facility.

The challenge is getting the money for construction.

In order for the proposed facility to become a reality, the boosters say they must raise $100,000 - and they want to do it in 30 days.

“They say it can't be done,” Frazier said. “We say it can.”

The group is banking on an outpouring of community support so the project can begin. To sweeten the deal, boosters have pledged to allow any $50,000 donor to name the facility.

Booster Cean Wilson said the facility is desperately needed for a number of reasons.

“The cheer and dance teams practice at the same time,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the cheer team shares practice space with the basketball team and the dance team has to use the cafeteria for practice.

“We had four girls that had to have surgery due to injuries they sustained because of the cafeteria floor,” said Wilson. “That should be enough to say we need our own practice facility.”

“Competition season begins in September for the cheerleaders,” Frazier said. “It's also when practice begins for two basketball teams and we have to compete for practice time.”

The booster clubs are hoping to have the money raised in one month so the facility will be ready by the 2008-09 school year.

“The more donations we get, the faster we can get this project going,” said Frazier.

Plans for the facility will be available for review at Monday's meeting during.

“We really need the community's support on this,” Frazier said.