A Delaware County man accused of killing his father in 2005 will not be allowed to waive his right to a jury trial.

Judge Robert Haney ordered Mark Henry Thurman, 24, of Grove, to undergo a second state mental evaluation and rejected his plan to plead guilty to first-degree murder charges during a hearing Tuesday.

“I will review the evaluation before proceeding with the case,” Haney said.

Thurman confessed to killing his 61-year-old father on Nov. 29, 2005, just days after he was released from a Missouri prison.

“He actually planned to kill the mother of his 5-year-old child as well as the child,” said District Attorney Eddie Wyant. “He had invited the two to his parents home, where he intended to kill the entire family.”

The plan was part of Thurman's desire to be the next “Natural Born Killer” or “Chainsaw Massacre,” according to Wyant. “Bob Thurman was shot when he unexpectedly came home to work on a wood stove,” Wyant said.

During proceedings Tuesday, Thurman was quieted by his attorney and sheriff's deputies after he interrupted the hearing with loud biblical scripture and self-conversations about demons and voices.

Kenneth Wright III, who represents Thurman, said prior to Tuesday's hearing that Thurman said he wanted to be put do death, thus the reason for his plea.

Wyant said earlier that, regardless of Thurman's plea, he intends to seek the death penalty. His decision was the same Tuesday.