Marvin’s Food Stores announced Wednesday the addition of Grocery Shopping Network’s digital shopper planning platform to the website.

Operating 35 grocery stores in total, this is the second launch for the CV’s Family Food group with Grocery Shopping Network. The new website for Marvin’s Food Stores will have applications designed to save their shoppers time and money by assisting in pre-shopping planning.

“It’s a privilege to expand the relationship with CV’s to another of their store banners with the launching of Marvin’s website,” said Andy Robinson, CEO of Grocery Shopping Network. “GSN provides the best platform for Marvin’s shoppers to use for saving time and money while providing excellent content for meal planning, cooking, entertaining, and healthy eating. GSN’s proven solutions consistently increase sales for retailers by serving their customers better.”

The website’s cornerstone is an interactive weekly circular that displays current sale items and suggests recipe ideas for shoppers. After a shopper profile is created, the website will allow you to input your dietary requirements and then select recipes that fall within your dietary profile or match your personal preferences. In addition to including shopper ratings for recipes and easy to follow videos, the website also provides shoppers with access to a database of printable manufacturer coupons that are updated on a daily basis with new offers that can be broken down by department.

“Marvin’s customers will now have access to our store specials online for planning their weekly shopping trips. It is our goal to serve our customers, and we see the new website as a way to deliver easy time and money savings to our customers” said Jim Galloway, from Marvin’s. “The launch of our new website adds a personal touch to our digital communications by bringing our store to the consumer wherever they access the internet.”

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