The News-Record

Authorities say several reports have been made in the past few weeks involving stolen items from parked vehicles.

“This time of year we always see an increased number of burglaries,” said Miami Police Chief Gary Anderson. “We're seeing a lot of tools being stolen.”

Thursday, an out-of-town contractor rebuilding a local motel after July's flood, reported approximately $500 worth of tools stolen from his truck. The report was not unlike several similar reports taken over the past few weeks.

Authorities say it is very important to keep unattended vehicles locked at all times.

While tools seem to be a popular target, theives are removing anything of value from parked vehicles - compact discs and cell phones are another popular item for theives.

It only takes seconds for someone to remove several items from an unattended vehicles, according to authorities.

“If you don't want someone stealing your stuff, don't leave it in your vehicle,” Anderson said.