COMMERCE - Two Commerce men have filed for candidacy in the upcoming mayoral race.

Kenneth Duboise and Kenneth Leggett filed on Monday, the first day of filing.

Duboise, 67, resides at 203 South Vine St. and is registered to vote in Precinct 14.

Leggett, 55, is also a registered voter of Precinct 14. He resides at 130 North Vine St.

Declarations of candidacy for the office of mayor and city clerk/treasurer will be accepted at the Ottawa County Courthouse through 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The election, to be held Aug. 14, was called after former mayor John Crawford resigned from office shortly after he was unopposed in his April 3 bid for the office.

In that same election, Commerce voters denied city officials the right to appoint a city clerk/treasurer, therefore causing an election to be held for electhat office.

To qualify for filing, candidates must be a qualified elector by virtue of being a resident and a registered voter within the city for at least six months prior to filing for candidacy.

Contesting of any candidate's filing will be allowed between 8 am. and 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday.