In a closed courtroom, an 8-year-old testified Wednesday against the man accused of sexually assaulting her.

The accused, Brent Reed Dowell, 31, accompanied by his attorney Kenny Wright, appeared for a preliminary hearing to determine if he will stand trial for the alleged sexual assault.

The mother of the alleged victim told the court she had been in a dating relationship with Dowell since July of 2007.

The woman testified that she had surgery in early September, which resulted in being hospitalized for approximately four days. In late September she was again hospitalized for three to four days, according to her testimony.

The woman said she left her three children in Dowell's care while she was in the hospital. It was then that the alleged abuse took place.

Assistant District Attorney Ben Loring asked the woman when she learned that Dowell had allegedly assaulted her daughter.

“The day after I kicked him out,” the woman said.

She told the court that Dowell began drinking heavily and the two of them were not getting along very well so she made Dowell leave her home in late October.

According to court records, the child was seen by a local psychologist and details of the alleged assault were recorded on videotape.

The girl testified that, while her mother was in the hospital, Dowell touched her genital area at bedtime.

Additionally, the child described an incident when the accused made her touch his genital area.

After hearing testimony, Judge William Culver ordered Dowell to be bound over for trial.

Dowell is scheduled to appear before Judge Robert Haney on April 25.