Miamian Kaylee Douthit has made it through the first level of auditions to participate in the next season of American Idol.

She was selected the winner, among 50 singers, in a preliminary competition earlier this month in Joplin, Mo.

“I was more excited than nervous,” she said about the initial audition.

The prize was a wristband which got her admitted to the auditions held in Kansas City, Mo., this weekend.

In addition, she received a limousine ride to and from Kansas City as well as two nights stay at a hotel in the city.

The daughter of Brad and Angie Douthit, she was accompanied by her mother Thursday when she left for the Kansas City auditions.

Angie Douthit, a teacher at Wilson Elementary School in Miami, worked on preparing her classroom the first of the week in order to have the time to attend the auditions.

“At least we won't have to stand outside trying to get a wristband,” Angie Douthit said. “I understand there's thousands of people trying to get one, if not at Kansas City, at one of the seven other audition places.”

The auditions will have four levels of elimination during the weekend. On several levels she will have to sing the materials handed to her.

Kaylee Douthit has always enjoyed singing.

“I just love singing,” she said. “I'll be talking and just breakout in song. I can't help it.”

“She was only 2-years-old when she was singing ‘Hi-Ho' from the Disney ‘Snow White' movie,” her mother said. “She was about five or six when she started singing in church.”

The Douthit family are members of Liberty Baptist Church in Miami.

“I've always watched the show,” Kaylee Douthit said. “I was old enought to audition last year, but didn't get to. This year I decided not to miss it.”

This would be a step in the direction of her career. She wants to be a Christian singer.

In addition to singing at church, Kaylee Douthit has sung the National Anthem at Miami High School basketball games and has performed in the high school's musicals “Bye, Bye Birdie” and “Footloose.” She played Amy in last year's “Little Women.”

“I see God's hand in this,” Kaylee Douthit said. “If He didn't want this, I wouldn't have won.”