Oklahoma A&M College - typically bathed in blue and gold - is going green.

NEO has partnered with Red Cedar Recycling in Miami to offer a campus-wide recycling initiative, school officials announced this week.

The recycling center has provided the college with collection bins for cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper, ink cartridges and cell phones. The recepticals have been placed in buildings throughout campus.

In addition to reducing the amount of trash that goes into landfills, school administrators say the initiative will benefit NEO students.

Advantage Cartridge, an Indiana-based company, will pay the college for empty ink cartridges and used cell phones, said Gina Manders, coordinator of the NEO Continuing Education Office. The company will refill and re-sell the ink cartridges. Advantage Cartridge will also find uses for cell phones and cell phone parts.

NEO will use the proceeds raised from the recycled materials to fund a newly established Recycling Science Scholarship, which will be given annually to a student who has demonstrated an interest in helping the environment. The scholarship will help pay the cost of tuition or books, Manders said.

The bins were set up on campus in mid-July. The first time the bins were emptied resulted in two truck loads of items, Manders said.

“The first pickup in July was such a success that we are realizing that we are going to have to collect the recycling more often than we anticipated,” Manders said. “It makes a person realize how much they put into landfills each day. Those items will literally take decades to break down.”