The first execution carried out by Oklahoma in 2010 will be that of a man convicted of killing his former girlfriend's daughter and the woman's 6-year-old son.

Julius Ricardo Young, 60, is scheduled to be put to death Thursday.

Young was convicted of the 1993 beating deaths of Joyland Morgan and her son, Kewan. Their bodies were discovered in separate rooms of their Tulsa apartment on Oct. 1, 1993.

Evidence at Young's trial indicated that he broke into the home and beat the woman and child with a blunt instrument. The murder weapon was never found.

Prosecutors said Young was upset that Morgan's mother had recently broken off their relationship.

Joyslon Roland, Joyland Morgan's mother, said the execution will allow her to bring an end to a distressing part of her life.

"Once this is over, I will never bring this up anymore," she said. "It will be a closed book."

She said she supports the execution, saying it ensures that Young will never be released from prison. "That was my only daughter and her only son," she said.

But Julius Young's mother, Alene Young, said she believes her son is innocent and that his criminal trial wasn't fair.

She said her son is an ordained minister who once pastored a church.

"I'm very sad," said Alene Young, wiping tears from her eyes. "I had three sons, and he (Julius) is the last one alive."

The state has executed 171 men and three women at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester from 1915 through 2009, including three people last year.