County officials plan to use the general fund to correct a tax allocation error that shorted two Ottawa County accounts more than a half-million dollars.

County commissioners will formally make their recommendation Thursday to the county excise board which will make the final decision on how to reconcile the county's financials.

The sheriff's department and the “highway half-cent sales tax” accounts were shorted a portion of sales tax revenue, due to a miscalculation.

The error, which shorted the two accounts a total of $550,323.92 over the past five years, originated in the county treasurer's office during the 2003-'04 fiscal year.

County commissioners will suggest that the shortfall be repaid over a period of three years - a gesture that will deduct more than $183,000 annually.

Officials have not yet addressed the $550,323.92 overpaid to two additional tax revenue dependent accounts.

The rural firefighters' tenth-of-a-penny tax allocation was overpaid as was the county's trust authority overseeing the construction of the county courthouse.

Ottawa County Excise Board Chairman Rob Kimbrough was in attendance of Monday's meeting of the county commission.

Kimbrough recommended that the county treasurer, Brenda Conner, provide commissioners with a monthly report detailing the breakdown of Oklahoma Tax Commission Collections.

Thursday's planned joint meeting of the commission and excise board is scheduled to begin at 1:15 p.m.