FAIRLAND - The City of Fairland appointed a new council member Thursday.

Madaleen Miller was sworn in to fill the unexpired term as Ward I councilperson. The term was left vacant by the December resignation of Billy Kerns.

Miller is stepping into the position during a time when Fairland is experiencing more than one controversy.

The city is currently under investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for possible fraud as auditors have said that approximately $14,000 of the city's funds are unaccounted for.

Jessica Brown, OSBI spokeswoman, said the investigation could take several weeks.

The city ended the year with a tug-of-war between council members, business owners and residents over whether or not to keep an active police department within the city. No decision has been made with regard to the fate of the police force.

Thursday's meeting of the Board of Trustees was brief in comparison to recent meetings that have lasted well into the night.

In addition to appointing a new council member, the board approved the audit, but tabled nearly all of the other items on the agenda.