JAY, Okla. A 17-year old boy has been bound over for trial on rape charges and will be tried as an adult at the conclusion of his preliminary hearing Thursday morning in district court.

Keighton Jon Budder, 17 of Kansas, OK, is charged with first degree rape and assault and battery with a deadly weapon on August 18, 2009 and after the proceedings Thursday, he could face another charge of first degree rape and sodomy and forcible oral sodomy. He could face four life sentences should be found guilty on all four felony counts.

Four witnesses were called for the state including Dr. Curtis Grundy to performed the assessment on Budder’s functioning levels as to whether he was capable of being tried as an adult. Captain Ron Teel, with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department testified, along with Jean Jacobberger with the Office of Juvenile Affairs/ Juvenile Services Unit and the victim. The defense called no witnesses.

Budder stands accused of sexually assaulting and stabbing a girl during the early morning hours of August 10, 2009 while she was giving him a ride from her house after a party.

According to Delaware County Sheriff’s Investigator Ron Teel, Budder "savagely attacked her", stabbing her over 20 times and attempting to cut her throat after the alleged rape.

The girl was in the process of driving friends home after a party at her house and had dropped everyone off except the suspect. He allegedly pulled a household knife he had taken from the girl’s home and stabbed her in the process of raping her.

The victim escaped her attacker when he allegedly "passed out" from being intoxicated earlier at the party. She went to a neighboring house where she was allowed to call for assistance. She was taken to the hospital where she received medical attention and has since been released, according to authorities.

He was remanded to the Delaware County Jail where he remains incarcerated in lieu of a no bond.

He will return to district court for district court arraignments in front of Judge Robert Haney at 1 p.m., Friday, Jan. 22.