Authorities say a homeless man found the body of a 54-year-old Miami man in an alley Monday night.

According to Detective Chris Leamon, officers responded to an alley between D and C Streets SE, where the body of Donald Emery Schaal was discovered laying next to some wooden pallets against a building.

Schaal's recreational vehicle, in which he resided, was also found parked in the alley.

“I made contact with Mike Davis, who stated that he was homeless and had been staying with Schaal in the R.V., Officer Michael Brashers said. “Davis stated that he last seen Schaal at 2 p.m. when they both went to cash their checks.

According to Davis, 53, he went to a local lounge and when he returned he found Schaal laying on the ground unresponsive.

A second witness Larry Johnson, 55, who was also homeless and living with Schaal in his R.V., stated he was asleep in the R.V. and woke after Davis discovered Schaal's body.

Ottawa County Deputy John Dalgarn said he had seen Schaal and Davis at a local bank earlier in the day and both appeared to be intoxicated.

Miami Police Chief Gary Anderson said there was no indication of foul play.

“There were no visible marks on the body, Anderson said. “We'll know more when the toxicology reports come back.