The City of Welch will be sponsoring a community pet care day in July.

City officials are asking all pet owners to join together in having their pets vaccinated and “dipped” for fleas and ticks.

According to administrative officer Winston McKeon, the proposal is part of an on-going effort to meet the needs of not only the pet owners, but their neighbors.

The city is also asking residents to assist with the issue of stray and unleashed animals within the community.

“We are fortunate here in Welch to have a great set of town ordinances in place,” McKeon said. “Hopefully, we can all begin to work together to resolve the concerns of animals within the city limits.”

McKeon said the regulations currently in effect will be more strictly enforced as conditions permit.

Under current city ordinance, persons owning pets within the city limits of Welch are required to show proof of rabies vaccination and purchase an annual license for their cats and dogs.

A notice is being sent to all Welch residents detailing the animal regulations ordinance. Pet owners are asked to keep their animals in a controlled environment to reduce the number of nuisances reported to city officials.