A class action law suit filed in 2007 by an Ottawa County woman was put on hold last week after the defendant filed bankruptcy.

Shawna Robbins was one of thousands of victims who allege they were scammed by BlueHippo.

The Maryland-based BlueHippo promised people with low credit ratings they could finance a computer for low monthly payments, according to the Better Business Bureau. But many, like Robbins, paid hundreds of dollars and received nothing in return.

In 2007, BlueHippo settled a case with the Maryland attorney general’s office, agreeing to pay $3.5 million in restitution and no longer do business with Maryland residents.

The next year, the company agreed to pay another $3.5 million after a Federal Trade Commission complaint and was barred from further deceiving customers.

Despite a court order, between April and December 2008, the company signed up more than 35,000 customers and provided — at most — a single computer, according to the FTC.

The FTC sought a contempt order against BlueHippo in November, for taking $15 million from consumers and violating the previous court order.

Bob Manista, president of the Better Business Bureau’s Central Oklahoma office, said there is little hope Robbins and the others will get their money back.

“It was unlikely you were going to get what you paid for from the beginning,” said Manista. “Now that they’re in bankruptcy, it’s even less likely.”