Angel Food will still be available in Miami after this month.

The First United Methodist Church in Miami adopted the program after Southern Hills Baptist Church announced last month that they would no longer host the distribution of Angel Food.

"I saw the story in the News-Record that the program was going to be disbanded and I felt that we couldnít let that happen," said JoAnne Mancusi.

A member of First United Methodist Church in Miami, Mancusi took the idea of running the Angel Food program to the mission committee at her church as well as her pastor.

"The Rev. Kathy Leithner was very much in favor of our doing this," Mancusi said. "She said it was very much in line with our goals to meet the needs of our community."

The church council also approved the project.

Southern Hills had been providing the Angel Food for almost five years.

Depending on what was being offered, they would have 300 to 400 people purchasing units.

"It would take 30 people to get it all together," Mancusi said. "Thatís a lot of people to make that big a commitment."

First United Methodist Church has already received offers of assistance from area Boy Scouts and others.

Ten members of First United Methodist Church will receive training by helping with the distribution of the January food at Southern Hills Saturday.

"This way the transition between churches will be seamless," Mancusi said. "We wonít have to miss a month while volunteers attend training in Tulsa."

The food will be able to be ordered two days a month and still be paid for with cash, money orders and food stamps. It will also be able to be ordered on-line and paid for with credit or debit cards.

The signature box, which costs $30 and is valued at approximately $60, includes meat, poultry, vegetables, eggs and dessert ó enough to feed a family of four for a week.

Also available are a variety of specials including meat, chicken, seafood, allergy-free food and fruits and vegetables.

"Iím raising two grandchildren and have purchased the signature box myself," Mancusi said. "This provides a good Christian stewardship of our money.

"And with the economy the way it is, I think thereís going to be an even greater need for it."

Mancusi hopes that the First United Methodist Churchís location at the center of town, at 200 B NW, will be helpful to some people who couldnít get to Southern Hills at the far south of Miami.