GROVE - Local business owners who support an upcoming “Shop Grove” marketing campaign will guarantee city funding.

City council members unanimously agreed to match up to $3,000 that area businesses are willing to cooperatively spend on the June through November campaign.

Local banker Steve Duff said the focus of the campaign is to create a unified effort between the city, local businesses and residents.

“Shop Grove” would promote additional sales taxes and create an environment for new business, Duff added.

The theme is centered around 4-foot by 12-foot “Rosy Riveter” banners placed at three high-traffic corners where local banks are situated - Arvest, Grand Bank and IBC - in an effort to catch the eye and encourage passersby to “Shop Grove.”

Duff said a committee of nine individuals has been working on the project.

The group planned to spend $1,000 for banners and 30,000 flyers intended for “various distribution methods,” Duff said.

Restaurant owner and Councilman Terry Ryan suggested the matching funding.

Councilman Larry Parham agreed to donate a billboard he owns for use free of charge, but also stopped short of doling over the entire $6,200 to the committee.

Interim city manager Debbie Mavity said a quick review of the businesses that supported the project, according to Duff's literature, meant the cost only amounted to around $27 per month per business to support the project in its entirety.

Duff said individual business owners had already made plans to advertise “Shop Grove” as well as the “Second Saturday” promotion.