An Ottawa County inmate is in an intensive care unit following what authorities believe was an unsuccessful suicide attemmpt.

Sheriff Terry Durborow said 35-year-old Freddie L. Tilton was not breathing when members of the jail staff found him hanging in the shower at approximately 6:40 p.m. Friday.

Shortly before the incident, employees of the jail were inside Tilton's dormitory-style pod, which houses approximately 30 prisoners. Staff members were passing out medication and had spoken with all inmates, including Tilton, according to Durborow.

The sheriff said everything appeared to be normal at that time.

“Approximately five minutes after leaving the pod, jail staff noticed the inmates beginning to gather near the shower area,” Durborow said. “Staff entered the pod and were told that inmate Tilton had hung himself.”

Durborow said staff initiated cardiopulmonary resuscitation and contacted emergency personnel.

“Tilton was breathing and had a pulse when EMS personnel arrived a short time later,” Durborow said.

The incident occurred two days after Tilton, a Webb City, Mo., resident, was sentenced to 10 years in prison with an additional 15 years probation on charges of larceny of an auto, burglary of an auto and possession of stolen property.

Ottawa County Undersheriff Bob Ernst said the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has been called in to investigate the incident.

“There is not any reason, thus far, to believe this was anything but a suicide attempt,” Durborow said. “It appears that Tilton went to the shower, entered the shower, turned the water on and, at some point, hung himself using fabric from his clothing.”

Durborow said there are two showers in the pod where Tilton was housed. Both are available for use by inmates at any time.