“Keep the tradition alive!” - That is the message being extended by the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Development Foundation to alumni.

Edie Ingram, executive director of the foundation, said that 49,000 NEO alums were recently contacted through a newsletter to keep alive their connection with the college.

Ingram said that, for some of those 49,000, it was the first time they had received communication from the college since their graduation.   

In the past, the college had maintained contact with less than 30,000 of its graduates.

NEO recently outsourced the search to a company that provided the college with mailing and physical addresses of alumni.  The search was conducted for graduates from the class of 1956 through those who recently graduated. 

And the search goes on.

“We want to let them know that they are still an important part of the college,” Ingram said.

Ingram said that she has received hundreds of responses from individuals reached through the newsletter.  Below is a sampling of those responses:

“I appreciate the newsletter!  I still have many fond memories of my time spent at NEO- snagging spoonbills, the KuKu, Sonic, the Spook Light, Tar Creek, and chat piles just to name a few.” -  Allen Cubbage of Oologah.

“It is funny how the newsletter found my husband.  Just last week, he took me over to Miami to see the campus on a Sunday drive.  He always talks about his time there.” - Heidi Fisher, wife of NEO alum Rickey Fisher of Pierce City, Mo.

The college will stay in touch with its alumni through an annual newsletter and frequent e-mails detailing important events, such as homecoming and foundation fund-raisers. 

NEO alumni who have not been contacted by the college but would like to stay in touch can call the Development Foundation at (918) 540-6250 or e-mail eingram@neo.edu.