The City of Miami has reconstituted the Urban Renewal Authority and now looks to the board to either pick up the business of the board or make a decision to officially dissolve the panel.

Steve Cline, who previously served on the board, was re-appointed, as was former member Robert Tyson. Both of their terms are set to expire June 5, 2009.

New appointees include Doug Weston and Frank Hecksher.

Last month, city attorney Erik Johnson asked the council to reconstitute the board that oversees the renewal plan, allowing the panel to decide the fate of the 1965 initiative to develop downtown property.

The board last met in 2005 to review and vote on a quit claim deed in the Frisco Division.

Since that time, the terms of Robert Tyson and Steve Cline have expired.

The previous board had one vacant position on the five-member board.

Johnson said that the four members will provide a “full compliment of board members.

The Urban Renewal Plan, implemented in 1965, was created by state statute and supported by a 40-year federal grant, according to Johnson.

“There is a provision in the plan that says the guidelines of the Urban Renewal plan are to continue unless rescinded by a vote of the then property owners, Johnson said. “We will not be able to do anything until the board is reinstated and a decision is made on what direction they want to go.

Johnson said many communities in Oklahoma adopted Urban Renewal plans in the 1960s and most have since refined the plans or dissolved them.