GROVE - City will meet Monday to rescind appointments made last week to Grove Health Care Authority.

The speciall meeting was called after it was discovered that three of the five people chosen to serve were not qualified.

City leaders revived the Grove Healthcare Authority last week in an effort to help raise funds for a new hospital in Grove.

Mayor Gary Bishop, a local minister who also serves as a chaplain at Integris Grove General Hospital, made the recommendations for five people who council members unanimously confirmed to serve on the trust.

The appointees were Dr. Joseph Chouteau, Grove business owners Ron Lay and Mike Lewandowski and council members Terry Ryan and Gary Trippensee.

Only Trippensee and Ryan live within the city limits of Grove as is required in the trust indenture.

the special meeting was set for 4:30 p.m. on Monday to recall those not duly qualified and re-appoint trust members qualified to serve, the agenda indicates.

The revival of the trust came simultaneously during Tuesday's city council meeting as hospital administrator Greg Martin announced a recent Integris board approval to expend $3.2 million to begin the architectural design of a 120,000-square-foot facility.

There are conditions, however, according to hospital administrators Integris will build the Grove facility if community support in the amount of $5 million can be raised toward the $56 million needed for the project.

Hospital employees and donation pledges are presently around $2.2 million, hospital officials estimated.

Bishop has publicly supported the city donating $1 million from its coffers for the project.

In an emergency ordinance approved, effective June 1, 2004, the city council set up measures to ensure the local hospital wouldn't get a competitor, after it was rumored that another health care provider was considering moving to Grove.

As of that date, specialty health care providers were no longer allowed to set up practice in Grove without first submitting detailed plans proving that the proposed clinic is not offering a service already provided by Integris Grove General Hospital.

Any application for a new hospital permit must be accompanied by a filing fee equal to 1percent of the capital cost of the proposed hospital plus $2,500 with a minimum fee of $3,500 and a maximum fee of $22,500, according to the terms set forth by the ordinance.

The fees collected are to be used to pay all costs incurred for a feasibility study to be conducted by a recognized health care industry consulting firm. If the consulting fees exceed the cost collected, the city clerk is directed to collect the remaining fees.

Evidence of public notice of intent to build a facility must be submitted to the city manager within 30 days.