Congressman Dan Boren said today that citizens will likely see a federal declaration of emergency within the next week followed by immediate indications of public assistance when floodwaters recede.

Public assistance is provided to governing entities to help with debris removal, street cleanup, etc.

Private citizens, according to Boren, should wait for two things to happen before they proceed with cleanup of their properties - confirmation of the emergency declaration and an announcement by the Federal Emergency Management Agency that individual assistance will be provided.

Boren said that he is going to push for both public and private assistance, but, until an official statement is released, residents should make no assumptions.

“We did not get individual assistance after the ice storm, Boren said. “I am going to personally ask for all assistance available and Gov. Henry will, too. However, I want to make sure that there is not any false information out there.

Boren said residents should watch for a statement from FEMA within the next two weeks regarding the availability of financial assistance.

Shelters in place

A shelter is in place at the First Christian Church in Miami.