MONKEY ISLAND - The day before Sarah Smith and her two boys were shot to death, she told authorities that her estranged husband had threatened to harm her.

The bodies of Smith, 26, her 4-year-old son Skyler Price, and Smith's estranged husband, Aaron DeForest, 34, were found Tuesday, all shot to death in the DeForest's home, according to investigators.

The couple's 2-year-old son, Joshua DeForest, was also found shot to death, according to police reports, still strapped into a car seat in a vehicle outside the home.

Investigators have ruled that Aaron DeForest shot his wife and the two boys before turning the gunl on himself.

The incident occurred one day after Deputy Steve Puckett with the Delaware County sheriff's department reported seeing a threatening text message Aaron DeForest had allegedly sent to Smith, according to an incident report.

Smith called the sheriff's office to her Port Duncan mobile home on Monday around 2 p.m., less than 24 hours before her estimated time of death.

Smith advised Pukett that, while she and her roommate were watching television, Aaron DeForest had sent her a text message demanding the truth about her relationship with someone else or he was going to burn the house down.

Police reports indicate that Smith told authorities that she'd seen the shadow of her estranged husband through a window of her home, but, as soon as she'd seen him, he ran away from the residence.

Deputy John Wilson was in the area and, according to Puckett's account of the incident, he spotted Aaron DeForest at the entrance of Port Duncan and spoke with the suspect who reportedly told Wilson that he was just arriving in the area and hadn't been harassing Smith.

“There has been an ongoing problem of continual domestic troubles between Sarah and Aaron for a long time, Puckett wrote in his report. “She has been afraid to leave him in the past because of the violence he has threatened if she did leave.

Delaware County Sheriff Jay Blackfox said his files contained only a single incident report indicating domestic troubles between the couple. That report was filed on Monday.

In her last words to Puckett, according to his report, Smith indicated that she and Aaron DeForest had a child together and would be working out a visitation schedule agreement.

No arrests were made, police records indicate.

Smith didn't file an application for a protective order against her estranged common-law husband, according to the office of the court clerk.

Neither Smith nor Aaron DeFprest had any history of criminal activity or domestic violence filed via the state court system, according to Oklahoma's online district court records.