Members of the Miami Parks and Recreation Board say they have a whole new perspective of local “skater kids.

A few weeks ago, a group of teenage skate boarders addressed the parks board with safety concerns at the skate board park.

Greg Forkum, board member, said the professional manner in which the group of teenagers addressed the board was enough incentive to look into improvements at the park.

The board recently presented a list of nine improvements to the City of Miami for consideration

The proposal includes:

Portable restrooms.

A drinking fountain.

A 6-foot chain-link fence.

Additional lighting.

Repair of flaked or broken concrete skating ramps.

A 5-foot by 36-foot concrete half-pipe ramp.

A dirt bike track.

Concrete picnic table and trash containers.

New curfew/rules sign.

Board members said their first priority is to address a number of safety concerns that have been brought to their attention.

The second priority, according to board members, is to develop a list of improvements to the bond obligation approved by Miami voters in 2002.