Ottawa County Sheriff's deputies found approximately two pounds of marijuana Wednesday when they went to a Miami apartment complex to serve an arrest warrant.

The deputies initially went to the Village Apartments on A Street NW Wednesday looking for Susan Wood, who lives at the apartment with Edward Earl Dennis. The deputies wanted to arrest Wood on a warrant stemming from bad check charges filed in Ottawa County District Court last month.

Dennis and Wood both face charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and other drug-related charges. On Thursday, Ottawa County deputies obtained arrest warrants for both Dennis and Wood. Wood was arrested on an outstanding bad check charge Wednesday, but was able to post a bond shortly after her arrest. Neither Dennis or Wood are currently in custody.

The events that led to warrants being issued for Dennis and Wood began Wednesday after Detective Joey Stites and Deputy Justin Judd went to the apartment shared by Dennis and Wood at 917 A Street NW. When deputies approached the door, they smelled the odor of burnt marijuana.

“When Wood opened the door I observed an even stronger odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the residence, Stites wrote in an affidavit filed with the court in order to get an arrest warrant for Wood.

Wood denied using marijuana, but said that guests in the apartment had been smoking it earlier, Stites said.

After arresting Wood on the bad check warrant, the deputies obtained a search warrant for the apartment. During their search of the apartment they found approximately two pounds of marijuana in the refrigerator, small amounts of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. The deputies used a field test kit to identify the illegal drugs and samples have been sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for more accurate testing, Stites said.