Joni LaFalier had been without wheels for about a month when she was notified via email that she had won a brand new Mustang.

“I thought the lady was lying to me,” said 31-year-old LaFalier.

LaFalier, a fan of Arby's french dip sandwiches says she eats at the local fast food establishment quite often.

“I kept getting those flyers in the bag with my food and just threw them in the trash,” LaFalier said. “Then I read where if you register online for a free Mustang Arby's will send you free coupons. I registered to get the coupons.”

LaFalier said she really never believed anyone won the drawings so she never registered for any.

“I thought it was all a gimmick,” LaFalier said. “Now, I register for everything.”

LaFalier's previous vehicle broke down last month and a few days later her fiancee's vehicle “konked out”.

“We were driving my fiancee's mom's car,” LaFalier said. “So, we really needed this.”

LaFalier said she received a few “you have won” notifications via email but erased them.

“I didn't think it was real,” LaFalier said. “Finally, I decided to call and I was told I really had won.”

It's a good thing she called when she did. Contest officials had tried several times to contact LaFalier with no luck. An alternate name had been drawn and a decision was made to allow two more days for LaFalier's response before the alternate winner was notified.

“I was shocked,” LaFalier said, the mother of four children.

While she had to pay the taxes and tags on the vehicle, LaFalier said she was happy to. “I don't mind paying $900 for a $28,000 car.”