VINITA (AP) - Global positioning technology is helping one Oklahoma law enforcement agency save money on fuel and better protect officers' lives.

The Craig County Sheriff's Office is the first law enforcement agency to test a vehicle Global Positioning System provided by Tulsa-based company Progressive Technology and Innovations.

Three weeks ago, the GPS unit was installed in one of the department's vehicles.

Sheriff Jimmie Sooter said the device allows administrators to track the route and speed the car is traveling and monitor how long the vehicle has been idle or turned off.

Sooter says the device can overload him with information.

He and other staff members are still analyzing all the features to determine how it can best benefit the department.

Progressive Technology and Innovations is a family owned business. Its products are geared toward the security and convenience of automotive, fleet and equipment markets.

It was founded by individuals with backgrounds in the Automotive Sales, Finance, Repossession and Technical industries